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So my buddy over at Necrotic Cinema felt the need to mention in telefonni cislo, a post of his that I have a tendency to change out my blog theme pretty much on a weekly basis. It’s bad enough catching flack about that from my husband on a regular basis, now Mr. Bill (ironically my husband’s name as well) feels the need to draw additional attention to it making me feel like that much more of a freak than I already did.

In his defense however, Mr. Bill (of Neurotic Cinema, not Bill as in my husband) was gracious enough to bestow upon my apparently ever changing site his newly introduced very own Fibonacci award which I am tickled pink to receive ( or perhaps I should say tickled green as in cootie contaminated…. Still undecided on that part.) It would seem he actually likes it, constant change included. Of course, in trying to determine how math and numbers sequence tie together with cheesy B movies, I now have a headache. Thanks Bill.

SO FIRST THINGS FIRST: A woman is never satisfied. Hence the constant visual change of my blog. Just sayin’…. I am both surprised and honored to accept this gracious Fibonacci Award bestowed upon me and would like to thank all the zombies and really bad actors, directors, special effects, etc, of the movie world for their help in making this possible. If it weren’t for them I would not be here on my keyboard, typing fervently away in gratuitous glee. No, I would probably be out socializing and that is counterproductive to the cause. I would also like to thank my beloved husband for tolerating my incessant need to watch these gawd awful B movies that he is convinced will kill the last brain cell I have left. Lastly of course, I would like to thank all of you future zombies of the world…. UNITE! AND OF COURSE, THE NEXT STEP: Apparently I am supposed to spread the wealth and joy if I feel so inclined by bestowing my very own award on blogs I love, and for the record, I do feel so inclined. Rules dictate that I cannot turn around and give it to the bearer of my award; I must “pay it forward” as they say (which BTW, was an AWESOME movie but not typically the type I review here.) The blogs I award have the option to carry on the tradition and award others as they see fit, or, if they are rude, they can choose not to. Guess time will tell…..

I would like to point out that the recipients of my award go out in no particular order and the blog in first position versus the blog in last position should in no way find it indicative of my blog preference. I enjoy and love them all equally, however if any of them post really cheesy B-Boobage in the next couple days, suffice it to say they will most decidedly slide into the number one position.

First ooh and ahh appropriately over their “Hot Zombie Award” as all these blogs deserve appropriate oohhing and aahhing themselves:

Now.. while there are multiple blogs I visit (please note my blogroll as I only have those in there that I actually like, and are not promoting them for link love…) I am selecting 3 - although all the blogs in my roll are deserving of this prestigious award:

INTERNAL BLEEDING I must confess….. I’m really rather jealous of these guys. They actually have more than one person who write on their blog and these people actually LIKE watching the gawd awful movies they review! How cool is that?? Now me on the other hand, have no one tangible who likes the kind of movies as I do so my only outlet is this blog. Luckily my husband understands my need for cheese and humors me way more than most would….. so anyhoo, if you have not checked out Internal Bleeding yet, I strongly suggest that you do. It’s a great blog with a pretty great group of B-movie enthusiasts.

DAISY THE CURLY CAT Daisy and her brother Harley offer more of a family site for sure. Zombies are not their forte, nor are movie reviews of any kind for that matter. But my dilemma is - and the reason for them being the recipient of this award - is that they are really cool cats who always make me smile every time I visit their blog. Their mom is so dedicated to their happiness and well being, and the happiness of felines less fortunate, and I just can’t say enough about this blog. Now I realize their thoughts of receiving such an award may not be favorable (boobs are not something you ever see or even hear of on their site) but I am hoping they look beyond the physical and appreciate the sentiment.

ZOMBIEPHILES Pretty much anything with zombies is a sure fire win in my book and this blog offers up an ass-load of useful information. Whereas I tend to veer from the lessons one needs to learn to help insure survival when the inevitable zombie apocalypse hits, the Zombiephiles makes damn sure to stay the course and for that, I am very thankful. You guys might want to check out this informative blog as well……… after all…. who’s to say it won’t happen??

A LITTLE PIECE OF ME Claire loves to offer up pieces of herself in the form of pictures, doodles and written confessions.Claire loves to doodle and doodle well she does. Her drawings are creative and imaginative and really rather entertaining. She may not write about horror, but her pictures certainly involve some pretty scary creatures.

THE SLAP & TICKLE And of course there is Max, an adorable little chihuahua that for some reason likes my blog even though he too never writes about horror. He tends to favor the “mother land” and things that make you go “hhhmmmm…” He actually has three blogs (that I know of) that he maintains. One I thought was dead but see that it has been revived…. it seems these days he changes blogs about as often as I change themes. Too much estrogen in his home life? I wonder if he dresses in drag? Hhhhmmm….

SO THERE YOU HAVE IT. Although I could go on all night giving out my way cool Hot Zombie Award, I will stop at 5. Check ‘em out if you have not already. They are bound to offer you hours of entertainment. Now if you will excuse me, I’m going to head on over to The Redneck Bar & Grill where opinions are plentiful, the beer is blue, and the beaver is wild. Translation? My kind pf place.