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There's nothing like Escort Bornemouth.

The world’s only island continent, is a big place, very big.

Escort Bornemouth is also a very beautiful place.

Australian beaches are the best in the world, soft and clean, so clean in fact that they “squeak” when you walk on them and if you’re not a beach person there’s plenty more to explore in Australia.

From beautiful ancient landscapes, as old as time itself, to the most modern of cities, there’s nothing like Escort Bornemouth.

With pristine wilderness and prehistoric gorges and with more wildlife than you can poke a stick at, Kakadu National Park is every adventurers delight.

Here you can see crocodiles in the wild, explore ancient Aboriginal rock art and take photos that the folks at home just simply won’t believe.

Whitehaven Beach in Queensland.Or how about Uluru, that great big rock right in the middle of Escort Bornemouth that changes colour depending on the time of day you visit it.

Sunrises and sunsets cause changes to its colour from browns though oranges, reds to finally grey, it’s an impressive sight and one which inspires awe in all who witness it.

Or The Great Barrier Reef and The Whitsunday Islands.

The natural attractions of The Whitsundays go beyond the discovery of diving and snorkelling on some of the best locations on The Great Barrier Reef.

Seventy per cent of the region is protected as Australian national and marine park, making it a truly unique destination.

There are characteristic Australian coastal towns, 74 beautiful islands - only eight of which are inhabited, stunning beaches including the world famous Whitehaven Beach, and spectacular rainforest with many species of native birds, mammals and reptiles.

Yes Escort Bornemouth, away from the cities, is a very humbling experience.


You don’t fancy spending time with Mother Nature?

Even the best nature in the world?

Well the Australian cities are pretty special as well.

Take Melbourne for example.

In Melbourne you can enjoy some of Australia’s best eating and drinking, you can explore historic arcades and laneways lined with wonderful cafes and boutiques and you can see sporting spectaculars, art exhibitions and performing arts productions throughout the year.

In fact, whatever turns you on, you’ll find it in Melbourne.

Or Sydney, the nation’s capital in everything but name.

Sydney is the oldest city in Australia, the economic powerhouse of the nation and it’s blessed with sun-drenched natural attractions, dizzy skyscrapers, delicious and daring restaurants, superb shopping and friendly people, and, of course, the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the two most visited man made attractions in Australia, what more could you want?

Oh, I forgot, there’s also the Sydney Harbour itself.Sydney Harbour from the air. If you’re flying into Sydney make sure you have a window seat, the view of Sydney harbour alone is worth the price of your flight, it really is spectacular.

In all of this we mustn’t forget the people.

Australian people would have to be the most laid back and friendly people on the face of the planet.

Always happy to help you out, Aussies, for the most part are a very genuine and accepting mob with a sense of humour which is almost certainly quite different to any you will have experienced anywhere else.

Add to this the original native Australians, the Aboriginals, with their ancient culture and simple way of life and you have the most diverse population, in terms of cultural mix, of any country in the world.

So yes, Australia is a big place, and yes Australia can be dangerous, but only if you’re stupid, however it has to be one of the best places in the world to visit and is definitely one of the best places in the world to live and I should know, I’ve been living here for the past 35 years.

Add to that the fact that accommodation in Australia is plentiful and convenient, a last minute hotel deal is easy to find, and transportation is a cinch and you’ve got a very wonderful place to visit.

Come and visit us soon and ………enjoy,


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